Welcome to Azonto Fitness

Azonto Fitness

Azonto Fitness

I Great way to get in shape I

Azonto Fitness Classes in London  I Every  Wednesday Evenings  from  7.30pm – 8:30 I


Azonto Fitness, the newest  fitness craze which combines basic movements of the Azonto Dance with a Fitness Routine launched in London on Tuesday 31st January 2012 .  This is the first ever of its kind.

 The Azonto Fitness routines are put together by professional & qualified fitnesss coaches, which are designed as a great way to get in shape.

Currently, we have one class per week, lasting one hour on Wednesday evenings 7:30pm – 8:30pm

Come down and dance your way to Fitness! It is fun, exciting and full of enjoyment!  Its execrise made easy for anyone who wants to get fit, whiles having fun and dancing their way to fitness!

Come and Join Us on Wednesdays at

North Road Community Centre

230 Burnt Oak Broadway

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